Prices – Quantities – Styles – Colours

All pricing is in Canadian Dollars and is subject to change without notice and subject to sales tax unless exemption documentation is provided when placing the order. All merchandise will be shipped at prices in effect at the time of shipping. It is recommended our vendors call for our current pricing and promotions. Sardar Garments and Textiles Inc. reserves the right to change/modify or discontinue any styles, colours, sizes or fabric without any notice given. Please note that the availability of styles, colours and sizes may fluctuate depending on demand. However, we will always try to maintain a sufficient level of stock in our warehouse.

Order Placing and Shipping

No minimum order required. All orders from our in-stock inventory which are placed and paid for before 3:00pm will be shipped out via pre-approved shipping options within the same business day. Any amendments made to an existing order waiting to be shipped out will be considered as a NEW ORDER. Please note that we will only accept written orders. Customers who wish to pick up their approved orders can do so within the hours of 10:00am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday unless instructed otherwise. It is the responsibility of the buyer to verify the accuracy of the colours, styles and quantity prior to embellishment on orders which are being shipped out to a third party.

Return Policy

Please make sure to inspect all goods before printing or decorating. Only goods that have not been altered, dyed or processed in any way can be considered for return. Samples and discontinued items are non-returnnable. All claims must be made in writing within four business days from receipt of the goods. Once a return is filed and approved the goods must be returned to our warehouse facility within four business days or the return will be cancelled.


The coated Pantone Color® reference # presents the closest available match for printing reference. Please refer to the actual fabric swatch for true colour matching. Pantone® is a registered trademark owned by Pantone LLC.